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Moratuwa United Business Society was formed on 26.06.2009 at the Buddhist Hall of Moratuwa ,under the initiation of the Ministry of Defense, and with the Leadership of the Coordinating Secretary his Excellency the President , Hon. Mithra Gankanda ,followed by the supervisory of Senior Superintendent of Police of Mt.Lavinia , Mr.Hemantha Adikari which was conducted by the Police of Moratuwa.


Main Objectives of our Association

· Creating unity between all the businessmen residing in Moratuwa irrespective of racial, religious and cultural differences, and acting in accordance with respective religious leaders.

· Extending maximum support to solve issues faced by businessmen of Moratuwa in terms of the Municipal Council of Moratuwa, Divisional Secretariat of Moratuwa and the Police Station of Moratuwa.

· Working hand-in-hand with Moratuwa Police in order to effectively overcome various threats faced by businessmen in Moratuwa such as external influences, burglary issues and theft.

· Issuing financial support to its' members to overcome their financial difficulties once the committee stabilizes.

· Extending support and guidance to businessmen when faced with sudden disasters.

· Giving fullest contribution to actualize the War Heroes housing scheme concept "Api Wenuwen Api", which is a great concept by Mr.Gotabhaya Rajapakse.


Our Founding Advisory Board


· Rev. Dodangoda Assaji Thero                            

· Rev.Agalakada Sirisumana Thero

· Rev. Victor Silva

· Rev. Nilanga Gunesekara

· Hon. Abdul Saththar

· Hon. Sivsiri Subramaniam Kurukkul

· Hon.Swarnalatha Vimalaweera

· Hon. Hemantha Adhikari

· Hon. M. K. Dayananda

· Hon. Upula Seneviratne

· Hon.Niyomal Fernando



Our Founding Executive Committee


· Chairman – Mr. Kusumpala Amarasinghe

Remembering of our founding chairman

· Vice Chairman – Mr. M.J. Costa

· Vice Secretary – Mr. K. K. Chandrasena

· Vice Treasure – Mr. Manil Weerasinghe

· Chief Organizer – Mr. T. L Prasanna

· Organizer – Mr. Sridaran Devadasan

· Organizer – Mr. K. L. Abeysinghe

· Organizer – Mr. Mohomad Razeen

· Cordinating Officer – Mr.C.A.S. Chammika

· Cordinating Officer – Mr. Saman Weerasinghe


All the businessmen residing in Moratuwa are honorably invited to obtain the membership of this Association with the hope of contributing towards its success, betterment and prosper.

To become a lifetime member, you will have to pay an a fee of Rs.5000 at one go.

Annual membership fee is Rs.1000


 Thanking You,

      Moratuwa United Business Society

Message from Our President

Message from Our Executive Secretary

Message from Our Treasurer

Message from Our Chief Organizer

Our Founding Committee Members


· Mr. B. Ajith Mahanama

· Mr. Prasanna Udugama

· Mr. Thissa Kithsiri

· Mr. Premadasa Manage

· Mr. Mevan de Silva

· Mr. R. Indika Mahesh

· Mr. P. Garvin Mattes

· Mr.Ananda Kusumsiri

· Mr. Priyantha Dias

· Mr. Nihal Valentine Fernando

· Mr. H. W. Ranaweera

· Mr. R. Prinsly Vanshanatha

· Mr. Imna Ismail

· Mr. S. M. M Rushan

· Mr. J.M. Rimzan

· Mr. A.B.M. Wazeer

· Mr. M.N.M. Hussain

· Mr. M. F. M Faraj

· Mr. M. W. M .Rifkan

· Mr. W.S.R. Fernando


437 Galle Road,






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