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Registration of members

 7.30  Commencement of the AGM

 1. Paying respect for respective religions

 2. Silence of one minute in respect of diseased war heroes

    3.  Commencement of the AGM

8.30 Welcome the Chief Guests and ushering to the seat

8.45  Lighting the oil lamp

         Chairman's Speech

9.00 Get together


The General Meeting of Moratuwa United Business Society was held at Hotel Randiya, Korawella, Moratuwa. It was held with the purpose of celebrating 5th year anniversary of the Committee since formation, and to have the General Meeting as well as the Get -together of Committee members. The event was held with the attendance of a large number of committee members, and one special point to note was the fact that several new members joined the committee on this day.

Firstly, the Hon. President welcomed the gathering and requested for a silence of one minute in respect of diseased war heroes, after paying respect for respective religions. Former President Mr. Kusumpala Amarasinghe, who was the initial President of the Committee was specially mentioned with gratitude. The President then addressed the gathering and thanked everyone for attending. Next he, lengthy explained about the projects undertaken by the Association so far and also on the projects the Association wishes to carry out in future. He comprehensively spoke of all the projects carried out during his tenure under his supervision. In addition to this, special gratitude was extended towards Labour Department, Department of Income Taxes and Department of Consumer Affairs.

He did not hesitate to address different issues that were brought to his notice by the attendees.

Next, the Hon. President invited the Secretary to present the minutes of the previous meeting. The Secretary then presented the minutes of the meeting which was held on 26th September of 2009. Once the comprehensive minutes were presented, it was requested to suggest amendments if there should be any. The suggested amendment was to clearly find out the service rendered by the initial President Mr. Kusumpala Amarasinghe. Next, Mr. K.L Abeysinghe proposed to submit an amended report and Mr. Mevan de Silva seconded it.

Next came the opportunity of the Treasurer and he explained in detail the financial situation of the Society. Moratuwa Branch of Peoples' Bank was selected for financial activities, and as of that day, bank balance had shown a figure of Rs.27,300. The Treasurer further stated that it is decided to secure an amount of Rs. 250,000 as a fixed deposit out of the bank balance. Since no objections were made regarding the financial situation, the meeting took a different turn.

It was to appoint the new committee members. All the existing committee members retired from their posts and left the main stage.

The very first task was to appoint a new Secretary. Name of Mr. Manil Weerasinghe was proposed first. Since no other proposals were made, he was appointed to the honorary position of the Secretary as agreed by everyone. Next, Mr. D.J Fernando was appointed as the President. He was proposed to this honorary position by Mr. Shridaran Devdas and was seconded by Mr.T.L.I Prasanna. Mr. Kingsly Wanshanatha proposed that the Hon. Treasure can remain in the position. It was seconded by the President.  Mr. T.L.I Prasanna who held the position of the chief organizer had retired from the position hence it was given to Mr. Shridaran Devdas as per the consent of the whole gathering since everyone believed him to be the most suitable person for the position.

The gathering proposed that the rest of the committee members should remain in their positions. Newly proposed names were:

K. D Himal

Ayesh de Silva

M.B.D.D Amarasiri

Also the Proprietor of Sangeetha Group was nominated


Once these tasks were completed, the President thanked the Secretary and asked him to conclude the session.

The Secretary extended his thanks for appointing him as the new Secretary and then extended his thanks towards the members on main stage.

Sincere gratitude of the Secretary was extended to his Excellency the Mayor, MP Moris Wijerathne, OIC Moratuwa,

Chief Inspector of Mt. Lavinia, Mr. Iddamalgoda and towards all attendees and all other contributors who supported in various means of sponsorships.

Since there were no amendments to be made, the report was proposed as an accurate document by Mr. Shridaran Devadasan and it was seconded by Mr.D.A Jayarathne.


Manil Weerasinghe

Chief Secretary


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